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Do you represent a municipality, a village, a region, and do you want to support the local energy transition? Strengthen the resilience of your territory?

Energie Commune supports you in your actions.

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The current energy situation of the territories

In Wallonia

Since 2012, Energie Commune has been supporting Wallonia in the coordination of the POLLEC (Politique Locale Energie Climat) programme, the seventh campaign of which was launched in 2022. The aim of this programme is to support the accession of municipalities to the Covenant of Mayors.

The Walloon Region is positioning itself as coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors.

To 1er In January 2023, more than 220 Walloon municipalities are involved in POLLEC (Local Energy Climate Policy) and have joined the Covenant of Mayors.

65 municipalities have a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan 2030 (SECAP) while the other municipalities are busy updating the SECAP 2020 to a SECAP 2030.

Energie Commune also supports pilot territories in identifying paths to resilience.

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In the Brussels-Capital Region

On 24 October 2019, the Brussels Government adopted its Energy and Climate Plan 2030 (NECP).

The Brussels NECP focuses mainly on three areas of regional competence: climate action, energy efficiency and innovation.

Over the past ten years, the production of energy from renewable sources has been increasing in the Brussels-Capital Region, but remains limited due in particular to the limited potential in an urban context and the proximity of the airport (exclusion zone for the installation of wind turbines).

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Our goals for 2025

We want to see

  • all Walloon and Brussels municipalities have a SECAP with ambitious targets for 2030 both in terms of mitigating and adapting to climate change and combating energy poverty;
  • all Walloon municipalities have integrated the local resilience dimension into their SECAP;
  • Three flagship actions implementing the principles of energy democracy are implemented in each municipality involved (renovation platforms, heating networks, local biomass platform, PV plants, injection of biomethane into the grid, local participation in wind projects, local collective mobility solutions powered by 100% local renewable energy,...).

How can we help you?

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