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Energie Commune (formerly APERe) is an independent association which, since 1991, has been helping citizens and local authorities to move towards a 100% renewable, sustainable and socially responsible energy system.

Our aim is to contribute to the promotion of renewable energies and the rational use of energy in a context of sobriety, in order to stimulate sustainable, fair and mutually supportive development of human activities.

Recognised as a lifelong learning organisation, Energie Commune's educational and facilitation activities focus on 4 areas: Citizen, Community, Territory and School.

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The Association pour la Promotion des Energies Renouvelables (APERe) has changed its name to Energie Commune to mark its 30th anniversary.

Discover the evolution of our association and the messages that have marked each decade.

Renewable energies are everyone's business.

2011 - 2021
Renewable energies produce energy.

2001 - 2011
Renewable energy, how it works.

1991 - 2001
Renewable energy does exist.

Missions Visions Values

Energie Commune aims to be :

  • independent ;
  • rigorous and critical in its work; ;
  • open ;
  • loyal to its partners.

Energie Commune :

  • develops its missions and visions according to the principles of Energy Democracy ( ;
  • supports citizens and local authorities;
  • shares information freely ;
  • initiates non-technological actions;
  • informs by appealing to everyone's intelligence;
  • proposes constructive solutions;
  • has an open and visible influence;
  • capitalises on and enhances its experience over time;
  • adapts to serve its purpose and wants to be a great place to work;
  • informs through the media and relays.