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For a renewable, fair & inclusive



With 30 years' solid experience in the renewable and democratic energy sector, our association provides you with a range of services: tools, statistics, documentation, lifelong education campaigns, project studies and drafting of action plans.

We are
experts in renewable energy for 30 years.
the only organisation in the energy sector recognised in lifelong learning.
Belgium's first renewable energy facilitator!
experts in lifelong learning in the field of energy for 20 years.
the promoter of energy democracy principles.
Belgium's photovoltaic representative at the International Energy Agency (IEA-PVPS).
The publisher of the only Belgian webmag on sustainable energy news. #Renouvelle
the provider of renewable energy weather forecasts in 11 European countries and on Belgian public television.
voted best communication project 2012 by the Sustainable Energy Awards Competition.

Renewable energy

concerns us all

A place for each citizen in the energy transition.

Local authorities are key players in the energy transition.

Communities help local stakeholders to make a collective contribution to the energy transition.

Schools are training the future leaders of the energy transition.

renewable electricity production

Here you can find a summary of renewable electricity production in Belgium, by type of energy.