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A place for each citizen in the energy transition.

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Citizens' current energy situation

Citizens are taking their energy future back into their own hands. In recent years, local citizens' cooperatives for the production of renewable energy have sprung up. Together, they are reshuffling the deck in the energy market to produce and consume electricity in a short circuit.

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There is a growing awareness of the central role of citizens in the energy transition. In Belgium, local authorities are opening up to citizens and inviting them to take part in drawing up their energy and climate plans.

Want to improve the energy quality of your home?

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Our goals for 2025

Energie Commune wishes to inform and encourage citizens in order to broaden their vision and give them the opportunity to participate in the energy transition.

Every citizen is well informed about energy and the technologies available and becomes a player in the energy landscape that they have designed, both through their behaviour and through their actions.

Every citizen has decent access to energy, meaning that they pay a fair price for their consumption. Renewable energies have a predominant place and are supported by the majority of citizens. They are a source of solidarity and local economy.

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Our useful projects for citizens

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